Norvasen...a dream come to fruition.

Our clarion call has been the establishment of a foundation to assist in humanitarian relief through personal involvement. The voyage to our experience and expertise began with the lifetime journeys of our founders through various private, commercial and humanitarian projects.

Sensing a worldwide vision for international relief assistance, our founders began Norvasen. Their varied backgrounds combined with existing project infrastructure created a synergy unlike any they had seen before. Initially their individual aspirations were on a small scale but through advice and wisdom of others each realized the dream was much, much bigger.

Reflecting through their various ventures and previous experience it was realized that Norvasen needed to support agencies and projects worldwide - working among existing foundations, agencies, organizations, societies, and service groups. The vision was not to displace these existing efforts but instead to work hand in hand with other groups to amplify their efforts and create new and unique ways to provide relief assistance.

Norvasen is committed to be an aid and relief to all of those who desire to improve the livelihoods, health and well-being of populations around the world. Some may say that we are too diverse and try to narrow our approach... but we will not stray from our course. While denominational differences, doctrinal approaches and methodology will cause some to distance themselves from the work of Norvasen we sail ahead carried by the many join in the support our work. .

Years of experience have defined our capabilities and drive. Through different ventures and projects our founders have been extensively involved with communications, logistics, web traffic, event management and teamwork. With that background of experience and cadre of equipment the corporation wishes to focus on providing communications assistance, logistics support, crisis planning, event management and short or long-term teams.

Norvasen is not an agency far removed from the field of activity instead seek to be there with people where they work.



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